A clone of the classic Paint with advanced drawing functions


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HeliosPaint is an image editor developed in Java that improves on the classic Windows Paint by incorporating a series of advanced features to its normal functionality.

Basically, it presents the same drawing tools as the original Point (pencil, paintbrush, line, fill, shapes, or text) but is different in that each one has new features that modify its functionality.

For example, with the line tool you can draw freehand strokes, point to point, or bezier curves; you can also select the type of line, the format of the ends of the line, width, and type of connector.

HeliosPaint also includes selection tools such as the magic wand, lasso, and the marquee tool. You can also flip, rotate, resize, and focus the edited image.

The output file formats that HeliosPaint can produce are: JPG/JPEG, BMP, GIF, JPG, PCT/PICT, PCX, PGM, PNG, PPM, PSD, RAS, TGA, TIF/TIFF, and XPM.

It requires Java Runtime Environment.

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